Company Background:


Senture is a trusted provider of multi-channel contact center and data management operations for agencies across the U.S. Federal government and for commercial organizations.

Located in London, Kentucky, with call center operations in London, Kentucky and Monticello, Kentucky, Senture has supported high-profile contracts for some of the largest companies in America. Industries impacted by Senture’s support and services include financial services, healthcare, insurance, retail and a host of other commercial and government projects during the company’s history.

As the local “employer of choice” in our areas, Senture is able to routinely attract qualified, experienced personnel.  This enables us to maintain a large pool of qualified individuals for our clients.  Senture’s application-to-hire ratio is 32:1, with only 13% of those interviewed being hired.   We’re selective about whom we hire and thereby ensure our clients of top shelf talent for their project.  Senture’s Operations area is staffed by individuals with more than 32 years combined experience in call center operations, quality assurance, and execution. Our Quality Assurance team has experience in multiple industries ranging from start-up implementations to mirroring existing processes to meet specific client demands.

ad-jobsAt Senture, we provide a thorough understanding of the contact management services industry to our clients. With proven start-up and transition processes, as well as extensive experience with state-of-the-art information technology, we ensure continuous reliable service to the customer. Our reputation in the federal and commercial marketplaces for our commitment to quality and excellence make us the go-to company for your contact center solutions.



Senture currently employs 230 individuals, up from 185 in June 2013. The company plans to create an additional 25 jobs in the next year. Phillips Diversified Manufacturing has a solid benefit program, including health insurance.

Details on the jobs to be created and benefit package are found in Exhibit 9.