Company Background:

whitesburgMountain Comprehensive Health Corporation (MCHC), a multi-county comprehensive health program designed to provide quality health care to the people of Letcher, Harlan, Perry, Owsley, and contiguous counties, has been in operation since June 1971, and is a non-profit Kentucky Corporation.

MCHC is governed by a Board of Directors of fifteen (15) people, made up of one (1) provider of health care, eight (8) consumers of health care, and six (6) from community organizations. The Board of Directors sets the policy under which MCHC conducts its operations. Administrative staff is responsible for implementing the board’s policy.

MCHC’s Central Office, Whitesburg Medical Clinic, Respiratory Clinic, and Wellness Center are located in Whitesburg (Letcher County), the Harlan Medical Clinic (Harlan County), the Buckhorn and the Leatherwood/Blackey Medical Clinics are located in Perry County, and the Owsley County Medical Clinic is located in Booneville. Leatherwood/Blackey and Owsley County Clinics each provides a Wellness Center for their patients.

mchc_logo_png_for_black_bg(2)-u7670MCHC provides family oriented preventive care. The overall goal of MCHC is to provide comprehensive, high quality health care services to the people of its service area.


hme329x246With Over 250 employees including 26 providers, MCHC provides services to over 27,000 patients each year. Currently, the clinics are located in Perry, Harlan, Owsley, and Letcher Counties.

Perry County has 2 clinics; Buckhorn is located inNorthwestern Perry County serving the citizens of the Buckhorn community, and Leatherwood/Blackey which is located in southern Perry County and serves communities in western Letcher County, southern Perry County, and northern Leslie County.

The Owsley County Medical Center is located in Booneville, the county seat. The Harlan County Medical Center is the newest facility, opened in 2004. Whitesburg Medical Center is the largest center and is located in the city of Whitesburg, in Letcher County.