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If you organization is a grassroots effort on the verge of growth or an established nonprofit organization with a strong record of serving the community, HEAD can provide services that support your efforts. These services include:

  1. Networking opportunities with community/economic development organizations.
  2. Technical assistance services, to include:
    a. Capacity building.
    b. Volunteer engagement.
    c. Leadership development.
    d. Board Development/Governance.
    e. Strategic planning.
  3. Financial literacy/Education Workshops.
  • How can I become a member of HEAD?
    Membership in Human Economic Appalachian Development (HEAD) Corporation is open to church-related organizations, community-based organizations, and individuals that are engaged in, or supportive of, community development in HEAD’s service region to include central Appalachian communities in Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.
    Church-related organization means a group that:
    • Is owned outright by; or
    • Receives actual or in-kind assistance from; or
    • Was organized by or owned by and then spun-off from an institutional church, a church-owned corporation, a church association, or othef church oriented organization.
    Community-based organization means a group that:
    • Is a cooperative or worker-owned business; or
    • Is a no-profit group incorporated to do community development, community organizing, or provide direct services to low-income people; or
    • Is a non-profit organization incorporated to give assistance or services to the above groups.
    Individual shall mean a person who:
    • Is on the Board of Directors of, employed by, a volunteer workers with, or receives direct services from a church-related or community-based organization as defined above; or
    • Is supportive of community development efforts in the Appalachian region of Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia and endorses the philosophy and purpose of HEAD Corporation.

The Board of Directors approves all applications for membership.

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